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hrbc_medicare_part_aYour Client Doesn’t Qualify For Part A? 

So your client doesn’t qualify for Part A and only has Part B, and now you can’t enroll them on a MAPD plan – or can you?

If your client is Medi-Cal eligible, Medi-Cal will often pay for the Part A premium for your client.  Assist your client in following these simple steps to get their Part A approved.

1) Visit the local Social Security office.

2) Request a Part A premium letter; which will indicate the Part A premium amount.

3) Bring the letter to their Medi-Cal Social Worker and ask for Medi-Cal to pay for the Part A premium.

4) If approved, client will receive a new Medicare Health Insurance card with Part A and Part B effective dates.

4) Client is now a Medi-Medi and you can enroll them onto an MAPD DSNP plan.

Here’s Why: Part A covers hospital and if your client doesn’t qualify for Part A, but is on Medi-Cal then Medi-Cal is on the hook for hospital coverage.  Medi-Cal usually approves paying for the Part A premium because then they won’t be responsible for hefty hospital bills.


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