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Get To Know: Henry Romero

Get to Know Henry Romero!

Originally from Mexico, Henry moved to Santa Ana, CA when he was a child. His parents, Miguel and Sara Romero had 11 children and worked hard as field workers to care for their large family. His father, Miguel, eventually secured a good job as a gardener at Leisure World in Mission Viejo and taught Henry along with his siblings the value of hard work and being a person of good character.

Henry now lives in Riverside, CA and is the proud father of four children – Clarissa (30), Nico (25), Alannah (14) and Yasmine (13). He also has 5 precious grandchildren and is married to the love of his life and business partner, Karina Romero.

Henry and business:

Henry’s favorite part about his job as CEO of HRBC is the ability to witness others’ success and growth within the agency. When people come to Henry for help they usually want advice on how to grow their business, sell more, make more money and better their life. The little things that make his day better are the opportunity to work with loyal and committed people as well as the execution of accomplishments both small and large.

His tip for agents is to “Stay positive, stay hungry, stay committed to your success and most of all be patient, and you will grow your book. Financial success only comes with sacrifices and hard work.”

Fun facts about Henry:

If Henry didn’t have to sleep he would spend more time with his family, working on agency projects, traveling, and of course playing golf. Henry’s favorite drinks are coffee in the morning and scotch in the evening. The craziest thing he has ever done is…get married! LOL And join the Marines (he’s a nine year veteran).

If Henry could master any skill it would be either public speaking or flying an airplane. One goal Henry would like to accomplish in his lifetime is to open a non-profit that helps provide homeless families with shelter, daily showers, meals and clean clothing.

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