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Get To Know: Karina Romero

Karina lives in Riverside, CA with her husband, Henry, and three of their four children. Among those are Nico (25), Alannah (14) and Yasmine (13). Both of her youngest daughters play travel soccer. Alannah also plays soccer for Riverside Poly High School and Yasmine is in choir at Matthew Gage Middle School. Karina has three granddaughters from her eldest daughter, Clarissa (30). She also has three brothers, several nieces and a nephew.

If Karina didn’t have to sleep, she would use the extra time to either get her house in order or do absolutely nothing since she is always on the go. She loves to cook, travel and do practically anything with her kids. Her favorite drink is a lemon drop martini and the craziest thing she has ever done is run after the man that stole her brother’s’ motorcycle at 4:00am. She ended up getting her brother’s bike back despite the cops not showing up until after the fact.

Something small that makes Karina’s day better is playing music. She is a natural people pleaser, so she would love to master the skill of saying ‘no’ every now and then. And, one of her life goals is to eventually go back to school and earn her bachelor’s degree.

When people come to Karina for help, they ask for everything and anything. If it is legal, she’s willing to help all brokers and clients. Her advice for agents is to not give up because most times in life you must fail before you can succeed. Hard work, persistence and always doing the right thing will pay off.

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