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Wellness Programs

Wellness programs

There are many wellness opportunities created by Health Care Reform, and at HRBC we want to make sure you take advantage of those. Through a collaborative effort with the Medical Groups and providers available to you, we are able to offer and create incentives for your employees to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

HRBC can help you identify your company’s current take on the wellness spectrum. With our strong Medical Group partnerships, wellness programs can be tailored to move your employees from awareness to full accountability, while also saving money on your annual premiums.

Benefits of a well-designed wellness program include:

  • Improved employee productivity and morale
  • Lower utilization of health benefits
  • Reduced plan costs
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Enhanced employee recruitment and retention

Wellness Programs

Maximize your employees’ health and productivity while managing risk and reducing cost with the many resources available through HRBC. Connect with an HRBC expert who can tailor the right proactive wellness strategies so you can engage your employees and help them improve their overall health status.

Remember a healthy employee is a productive employee!